Goals and Targets

Arlington County is committed to being a diverse and inclusive community, and that requires housing opportunities for all residents. Developing and implementing County-wide and area-specific goals and targets  is a crucial step toward addressing the affordable housing needs in Arlington.

Arlington Goals and Targets for Affordable Housing

The County Board first adopted nine Affordable Housing Goals in December 2000 and established targets for those goals in December 2003. Since then, the goals have been updated to include the prevention/ending of homelessness and sustainable development. These goals and targets establish a long-term vision for affordable housing in Arlington. See the complete list of Affordable Housing Goals and Targets.

Arlington County’s Affordable Housing Goals are:

    1. Balance support for the elderly and persons with disabilities with a transitional safety net for families with children.
    2. Prevent and end homelessness.
    3. Ensure through all available means that all housing in Arlington County is safe and decent.
    4. Ensure that consistent with Arlington’s commitment to sustainability, the production, conversion and renovation of committed affordable housing is consistent with goals set by the County to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Arlington County.
    5. Permit no net loss of committed affordable housing, and make every reasonable effort to maintain the supply of affordable market rate housing.
    6. Reduce the number of households in serious housing need (defined as those earning below 40 percent of median income who pay more than 40 percent of their income for rent).
    7. Increase the number of housing units with two or more bedrooms in order to match the needs of households with children.
    8. Distribute committed affordable housing within the County, neighborhoods, and projects.
    9. Increase the rate of home ownership throughout the County, and increase home ownership education and opportunities for low- and moderate-income households.
    10. Ensure, through all available means, that housing discrimination is eliminated.
    11. Provide housing services effectively and efficiently.

Arlington’s Housing Principles

Affordable Housing goals and targets build on the County’s overarching Housing Principles.

    1. Affordable housing should be a County priority.
    2. Market rate affordable housing should be the primary means of providing affordable housing. The County should continue to support efforts to maintain and preserve that affordable housing supply and the surrounding neighborhoods
    3. A range of housing choices should be available throughout the County to accommodate households of all income levels, sizes and needs.
    4. In providing housing assistance, priority should be targeted to the lowest-income households — low-income households with children and low-income households with members who are elderly or have disabilities.
    5. Affordable housing should be used to help prevent homelessness and promote a diverse community.
    6. Equal housing opportunity should be a reality. Housing discrimination should not exist in Arlington.
    7. Households with children should never be homeless.